Washington Post Article Comments

Washington Post Article Comments

The Washington Post Article article describes the John Ellis Mexican Patent 239719 and the electron home water machine patent US 5,203,970 and other foreign patents that produced such phenomenal results 10,000 people/day showed up in Tlacote, Mexico to fill containers with water!!

As a young engineer, the inventor with an engineering degree from Lafayette College that includes steam plant design, read that alchemists (The Fathers of Modern Science) rapidly heated and cooled water to produce almost mystical properties. As a result, he invented a way to move water from one metal tank to another as described by the post news report, using differential pressures and operating temperatures. Since the parameters are so critical, the inventor wonders if his patents are even needed because, as the articles says, not only is it secret but it’s predicted scientists will have to study the water properties for centuries before it is fully understood. When obtaining a scientific patent, only enough information is given to obtain the patent…not proprietary secrets! Although most scientists are in awe of the results, some use “textbook science” to no avail!

24 Years ago, the largest selling water distiller, was home still. They took 45 PPM (mg/1) TDS down to 9 PPM TDS, a reduction of 9 times. The U.S. Patent office said we had to prove that by starting and stopping the boiling, we could make purer water! York Labs took 57.91 PPM (mg/1) down to “less than” 0.07 PPM a reduction of 830 times!!! Pure water using lab standards is 0.1 PPM! None of the home water distillers can come even close to this result because with continuous boiling, they don’t have enough steam rise to reach this purity level. That’s why the “water wise” are being scammed! Ads that “guarantee purest water” can have disastrous results.

Corning said ” Your water is purer than our lab stills and recycling water gets rid of organics!” Their lowest reading using a huge still is 0.14 PPM (mg/1) because they use continuous boiling. Again, little home distillers can’t “guarantee purest water”!!

However, customers were using the energized tap water with the same results as the energized distilled!! Since tap water is regulated, we haven’t pushed the high purity! Instead, we kept improving our machines until we finally reached the “State of the Art” we have today! We stopped counting at over 100,000 users and we hope you will become one of our great customers!

Since our machines were written up in books that sold over one million copies through Time Warner, you should know about alkaline water! One of these books goes on for almost two pages talking about our machines! However, we soon realized they were saying that by drinking alkaline water you could make your body more alkaline. This is NOT true! We could have kept quiet about this and sold even more machines by the thousands!

If you read up on it, you will find that your body keeps your digestive juices within a narrow range …around 1-1.5 PH (like battery acid). Apple cider vinegar, grapefruit juice and lemon juice all have a PH of 4 (acid). However, they have an alkaline reaction on your body. If you drank a glass of alkaline water, your stomach would be more alkaline for maybe two minutes. If you drank alkaline water all the time you may end up with digestive problems or worse, as noted by the 100’s of calls we have received! The solid food you eat (not liquids) should be more on the alkaline side. Also, when food enters the digestive track it is alkaline anyway! Why cause yourself problems? If you check the saliva under your tongue, you will probably find out it is alkaline.

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