13 International patents & 332 approved FDA studies:
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Heated-Cooled 100’s of times/gallon
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CLIMATE CHANGE: Heating/Cooling has been going on since the beginning of time just like our water machine (below)

How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, DDW, DEW, distilled) AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH!!




John Ellis Water changes your blood in just 15 minutes?

In this video, we’re going to do a live blood analysis of drinking John Ellis Water. Guy Abraham M.D. in doing 100’s of Independent Blood Tests on subjects drinking all types of water: “You changed the properties of water to get these results!” Also we can see Richard at Bio Energy Wellness turn dousing into an art form with two 9v batteries showing his subject’s energy field grow.

Our WATER attacks CANCER cells




One afternoon, about ten years ago, a man called John Ellis, shocking him when he said: “Your machines cure cancer!” When Ellis asked him how he knew that, the caller said: “I’ve been an oncologist for 30 years. I just retired from a famous Cancer Research Center and I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” He identified himself as Dalton Kinsella M.D.
Dr. Guy Abraham M.D. mentioned Ellis’ 114° hydrogen bond angle years ago when he independently tested John Ellis’s water while he taught at UCLA: “No other water is even close!

Learn More About John Ellis Water Video #1

Bio Energy Testing Video #2

Video #3

John Ellis Water Stops Radiation

How John Ellis Water can protect you from radiation, Bio Energy Wellness has done testing with different kinds of water showing how John Ellis Water stops radiation


John Ellis has permanently changed the bond angle of water

Jon Christian Ryter prompted an emergency meeting of the CDC, FDA and HHS (page 32-33). Even The New York Times commented about his website autism article: “One small voice” and thimerosal was banned in Europe. Also, lifesaving results when another small voice changed the Hydrogen Bond Angle in water!

All you need is the power of positive thinking and our Machine!

Guy Abraham MD in the Video doing 100’s of Independent Blood Tests on subjects drinking all types of water: “You changed the properties of water to get these results!” WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE WATER IN YOUR BLOOD (94% water). Typical Example: Note the Cancer Chart the FTC returned to us… no other water can do that!

However, our machines DISTILL AUTOMATICALLY… 100’s of TIMES/GALLON (not ONCE!!)

  and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with

MEASURABLE ENERGY (Ammeter video here!)

13 Patents 332 FDA Tests
BUY  BOTTLED WATER or MAKE IT AT HOME…for PENNIES and take a 501C3 Tax Deduction!!

NOTE:“Hydrogen is the Fuel of Life!” (Note the Energy Video).  You require very little energy to split our water into Hydrogen and Oxygen… supplementing THE HYDROGEN FUEL produced by your food!  (Energy is drawn directly from ATP, adenosine triphosphate) As a result, our customers maintain their weight with LESS FOOD and like the 1000’s of wells that have been treated, this technology can treat huge aquifers to help the world hunger crisis!

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John Ellis Water
The video shows how the IMMUNE SYSTEM RECEIVES 30 times the ENERGY of ordinary water as it splits into HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN! Also, in addition to our High Energy Water, unlike any other water in the world (13 International Patents don’t reveal proprietary secrets) the machine can also be used to saturate the room air with our High Energy UV Vapor that destroys pathogens on contact!

Structured water; the energy in this water can save us!

Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander invented structured water but John Ellis water can save us because it has 30 times more frequency energy measured by electrolysis using only 20 drops added to regular water. Water carries a memory of the frequencies of chemicals, viruses, bacteria & mold spores as noted by Dole Foods with a 6-page buyout offer after 9 months of testing. Thanks to Bio-Energy Wellness for this video.

Water Filters vs. Our Water

Water discovery can power an economy in many ways

Like environmental cycles of heating and cooling, my method of heating-cooling can also be used to reduce mankind’s fossil fuel carbon footprint… using WATER!!  When you rapidly heat and cool water, it weakens the hydrogen bonds so it can easily be split into Oxygen and HYDROGEN…  producing CHEAP HYDROGEN FUEL!!  A homeowners $300.00 Electric bill is reduced to less than $10. (Energy Video here) using 3000% less energy required to split ordinary water.. powered by even solar with a carbon NET LOSS!

With 56 drugs found in local drinking water, these drugs combine with water at the molecular level producing  a chemical reaction.… they become part of the water because chemical reactions are IRREVERSABLE!! Since chemical reactions also require energy, the water continues to consume energy from the host even after it’s consumed unless you RESTORE THAT ENERGY BEFOREHAND using the Faraday-Ellis Method of rapidly heating and cooling. Ordinary water requires 31 amps to split while ours requires less than ONE AMP producing the same amount of HYDROGEN ENERGY… “The fuel of Life!” (Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy).

Like the Oncologists reports, blood tests prove why people that drink ordinary filtered/distilled water never look young in old age (I am in my 92nd year) or live longer drinking water produced by methods that subvert nature! With the camera right in my face on YouTube, they comment: “He doesn’t look 82!” and more recent videos show you will also look about the same (in my 92nd year) while industry naysayers influence millions of people and get what they deserve:  They won’t use revealing  “old age” videos of themselves but instead suffer from the laws of often painful retribution from even man-made diseases!

All of the above is why 75% of our business is cancer related (FTC Chart is an example). Today, 50% of the population will get cancer while years ago it was rare!  When we talk about water, we are talking about the water in your BLOOD (94% water) like Guy Abraham MD doing  Independent BLOOD TESTS on 100’s of patients flushing disease out of the blood stream when he taught at UCLA Medical Center: “Nobody can argue with something we can measure… the ability of blood to go through a membrane and into the cells to the extremities. Nothing is even close to your water because YOU CHANGED THE PROPERTIES OF WATER… no wonder we get these results!” (JohnEllis.com). Again, they test your BLOOD… NOT the water you drink and yet that’s all the water industry talks about! Again, if you have Cancer or any other disease they test your BLOOD! Years ago, scientists said: “Blood tests show your water is Deuterium depleted (DDW)” but since it’s being replaced by the Deuterium in the food we consume, how can they say that?  Now they are trying Deuterium Enhanced Water (DEW)… ADDING Deuterium to water to see if they get better results and yet DDW was sold at $300. a bottle!

This is a family business so we will be here to maintain the health of our customers even 100 years from now!!

Changing the hydrogen bond angle in ordinary water from 104° to 114° produced over 100,000 lifesaving results…even going through your SKIN!
Confirmed by the top scientists at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab and Lawrence Livermore to THE WASHINGTON TIMES and scientists around the world using a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) from 104.5 degrees to precisely 113.8 degrees (rounded off to 114 degrees)!
1. Increases Blood Flow to the extremities measured by Doppler Ultrasound (M.D. independent Research at UCLA Medical) Typical Diabetic “I soaked my foot in your water and it went from black to rosy pink saving my foot from last minute amputation!”

2. DISCOVERY by 80 YR old retired professor (TWO MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees): “I put the water on my shiny dome AM & PM. In 2-3 weeks starting with some fuzz, I now have a full head of hair!!”

3. EBOLA: “Working both inside and outside the hospitals” in Africa resulted from a humanitarian gift where the incidence dropped like a rock!

4. I ranked #1 in the World in the discus in 1957 (Track & Field News Vol 10 No 12) but gave it up because I knew FDA Approved anabolic steroids (now banned) would damage the heart! I was right and the inventor died at 62 after damaging his own heart: “After the abuse by athletes, I wish I had never invented anabolic steroids!”


418 acre John Ellis Estate

The Gatehouse Entrance to the 418 acre John Ellis Estate on top of crystal Mountain with breathtaking views overlooking the Delaware River in Shohola, Pa. Click Here for more

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Killing pathogens that threaten human health. Now you have an opportunity to try the most patented distiller in America. Thirteen patents and 332 approved FDA studies. What do these 13 patents do, and why are they needed? Isn’t a water distiller a distiller with or without patents? Of course. The difference comes from what happens to the water being distilled. The John Ellis Electron 5 distillers so something no other distillers on Earth do. They create energy while re-purifying the water hundreds of times per gallon using heat and UV light to destroy pathogens that pose a threat to human health. Don’t think of the John Ellis Electron distillers as just another home water distiller, because it isn’t. Think of it as the Paul Bunyon of home distillers that does wonders both for home use and commercially.


On June 3, 2003 the City of LaSalle reported that 24 hours after the lagoon was treated with 1,000 of John Ellis treated water, the odor was gone. Six weeks later, without dredging, 30% of the human waste sludge in the lagoon had dissolved.

What made that happen? What makes the 13 patents unique is that the Electron 5 distillers do something no other distillers do—they permanently change the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water molecule from 104° degrees to 114° degrees. So, let me ask you a question: How many other home water distillers have the ability to permanently alter the hydrogen bond angle of water? The answer? None. That’s why there are 13 patents on the  Electron 5 distiller.


John Ellis Water Science

Welcome to our Scientific data page, where you will find Lab tests and studies. We have an York Lab test showing our water is 827x purer than regular water. This

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The History of Oxygen and Cancer

The first physician who theorized the cure for cancer with oxygen was Otto Heinrich Warburg, the son of a German physiologist, medical doctor and Nobel Prize laureate. The History of

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New Book- The Faraday Twins

New Book- The Faraday Twins The ingenuity of Electrical Engineer and Steam Plant design engineer, combined with the genius of self-taught Michael Faraday, the British Scientist whose discoveries in the

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John Ellis water Re-Grows Hair

Re-Growing Hair

***An 80 year old retired Professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT proves our 114 HBA water GOES THROUGH HIS SKIN BY Re-Growing Hair ON HIS BALD HEAD in only 2-3

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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

On Sept. 22, 1791 Michael Faraday was born in the mew in Newington Butts, the third of four children. In my research on Faraday, more than one writer noted that

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John Ellis Estate

This is the Gatehouse Entrance to the 418 acre John Ellis Estate on top of Crystal Mountain with breathtaking views overlooking the Delaware River in Shohola, PA (outside of Milford).

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Aging and John Ellis Water

Aging and John Ellis Water PROVEN by all the diagnostic stress and carotid artery tests they did on me because the carotid artery blockage in your neck causes people to

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Hydrogen Bond Angle

Hydrogen Bond Angle

Hydrogen Bond Angle & John Ellis Water If you change the HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE in any ordinary drinking water from a SLUGGISH 104° degrees to 114° degrees it clears arteries

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Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Scientists

Los Alamos Scientists

The voice on the other end of the line identified himself as the head of the government’s laboratory at Los Alamos—proudly detailing a list of Ph.D.s that sounded like the

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York Lab Tests

York Lab Tests

NONE meet this Lab Standard for “Pure Water” and yet they advertise “Pure Water”! (0.1 ppm is lower than a CORNING LAB STILL). Click Here to view the York Lab

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Dole Foods and Mold Spores

Dole Foods and Mold Spores

On their insertion order Dole listed the Electron 5 they bought from John Ellis. Dole is just one of several companies who have actually offered to buy out John Ellis

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