13 International patents & 332 approved FDA studies: Order online or call  845-754-8696
Heated-Cooled 100’s of times/gallon
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CLIMATE CHANGE: Heating/Cooling has been going on since the beginning of time just like our water machine (below)

How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, DDW, DEW, distilled) AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH!!



What is the Difference between the E4 and E5 Machines?
The E5 has two UV Lights developed at Corning and a stronger transformer. The E4 has only one UV Light. The E5 produces a more energized water.

Do you provide free samples of your water?
Yes, we can mail you a 1 0z eye dropper size sample of our water, please call 845-754-8696     Monday – Friday 10:00am4:00pm Est.

How long does it take to get my machine?
It takes about a week to process the order and build the machine. Each machine is custom built to your countries power supply.

Where can I order parts for the machine?
We only sell parts by telephone. You can give us a call at 845-754-8696 to order the part you need.

How do I hook up your machine?
When purchasing a machine you will receive instructions on how to set-up the machine. Our machine hooks up to your faucet.

Do you offer a payment plan?
We do not offer any types of payment plans at this point. We will, in fact, let you purchase a machine using multiple credit/debit cards if that makes it easier for you.

How much electricity does your machine use?
When operating the machine uses the same amount of electricity as a standard coffee maker.