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How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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  • September 9, 2020
  • ellis
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It started during Vietnam when I faced a Military Breach of Contract Tribunal because I found a military contract mistake and refused to put lives at risk. However, I was proven correct and we completed the contract saving thousands of lives! When I was 14, radium treatments gave our Air Force and Submariner’s Cancer including myself! Today, JohnEllis.com Videos show the POWER of my water discovery using electrolysis or by adding ONLY ONE OUNCE to a gallon of ordinary water!! As a result, 75% of our business is now cancer related and in 2015 we answered the FDA when they asked about the great 501 c3 results against EBOLA in Africa! Recently, the FTC mistakenly stated: “we make filters”.. we don’t but 13 Patent Examiners also approved the ONLY “closed environment” (no lung damage) Ozone Generator that DESTROYS VIRUSES!! This is after the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee called the FTC Chairman in 2007: “This is the real deal. Leave the man alone!” and the FTC returned the Cancer Patient Chart (attached) to us some Viruses cause cancer.

using “reliable scientific evidence”!
I am in my 91st year because I didn’t ignore Albert Einstein: “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies!” Like a radio station, every Virus has a different frequency including EACH of the *56 drugs found in typical tap water (USA Today)and people wonder about their health problems? My patented heating-cooling implosion method wipes out ALL negative frequencies… no experimenting!! Astronauts suffered health problems until NASA installed frequency generators attuned to earth 7.83 Hz! We are entering a new era of mutating Viruses! KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG using this new found MEASURABLE ENERGY!!

Are they going to invent a new Vaccine every time another wave hits us or listen to Einstein? Instead, dimwits and paid “scam alert” shills are used to fool the public and protect the status quo including Nobel Prize Winners (below) who are discredited despite the fact ANY frequency from a virus (even music) can be forwarded to a Lab and reproduced a continent away! That’s what Tesla wanted to do at Shoreham until J.P. Morgan withdrew his funding because he intended to transmit frequencies around the world to produce Free Telephone and Electricity eliminating Morgan’s profits! After buying dozens of my machines, a major Foundation well known by the FDA sent me a letter to get a 501c3 (on file) so I could adapt my discovery to transmit “healing frequencies” around the world!! The videos (below) reveal a rudimentary comparison using various types of water.

Since there are as many frequencies as stars, Viktor Schauberger used “warm–cold” water implosion properties in a machine he built for Siemens in 1937 that was destroyed because Hitler was displeased he wouldn’t work for the Third Reich! My patents show I adapted Schauberger’s heating-cooling implosion without revealing proprietary secrets!

Watch the Video’s sent to us below: A man from Vancouver, Canada revolutionized ancient water dousing by adding two “D” batteries to his wands so he can tune into these energy frequencies… like a radio! In Italy, a new theme park has a million visitors a year because this technology located hot water springs.. outperforming seismographic studies used logging oil wells! He even uses his energy wands to compare my water with ordinary water products using a microwave oven during his video interview with a local businessman who owns a lab that does frequency testing (Google his name. It appears on a school and bank). The interview goes into great detail about other devices using “water structure, memory or frequency” noting they haven’t been able to maintain that energy like I have! This is because *they don’t understand VACUUM ENERGY created by implosion used by Viktor Schauberger who also developed flying saucers (under the threat of death) during WW2 Nazi Germany. The JohnEllis.com ENERGY VIDEO using electrolysis shows only 20 DROPS develops 31 TIMES MORE ENERGY than any other water!! Since energy is required to split water into Hydrogen and OXYGEN, this is a breakthrough needed to combat breathing problems!! *Other than the Heater Module, they ruin the machine if they take it apart!!
I use a hot-cold cycling frequency of 3x/minute (a MW oven cycles 2.45 GHz) and at the end of the video, it’s still warm with implosion energy after 24 hours with amazing explosive power demonstrated in the Video! The energy stays there forever! However, since this cuts into status quo profits, paid shills and dimwits are used to discredit people like Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Luc Montagnier (HIV/AIDS) who uses water memory (frequency) with web videos showing his lab analyzing frequencies and yet shills and disparaging “scientists” forced him to accept a China offer! I didn’t… Regulators are free to look at my contract offer to buy 15 million machines/year with China paying for the land and buildings so my machines can be China manufactured in 7 locations (THREE companies couldn’t “Reverse Engineer” my proprietary results)!