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How John Ellis Water Can Protect You from Radiation | Bio Energy Test

  • December 27, 2019
  • ellis
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The Energy in John Ellis Water stays locked in, a discussion on how John Ellis Water’s energy stays locked in
A discussion from Bio Energy Wellness talking about the energy in John Ellis Water, also talking about putting John Ellis Water in the microwave and what happens
Protect yourself from Radiation – Testing of Ellis, Kangen, Tap, and Colloidal Silver Water
How John Ellis Water can protect you from radiation, Bio Energy Wellness has done testing with different kinds of water showing how John Ellis Water stops radiation
Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro
5:52 Microwave Mung Beans
11:12 DNA Sampling
12:06 Natural Energy Field
14:00 Tap Water Mung Beans + Microwaved
14:53 Silver Water Mung Beans + Microwaved
15:06 John Ellis Silver Water + Microwaved
15:23 John Ellis Water + Microwaved
18:53 DNA Sampling of Different Person