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CLIMATE CHANGE: Heating/Cooling has been going on since the beginning of time just like our water machine (below)

How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, DDW, DEW, distilled) AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH!!



People have reported back to us numerous times over the years how John Ellis Water has improved their prostate problems. With the ability of our water to go through the cell’s membrane and improve blood flow, it’s no wonder why we receive these testimonials.

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Mark Dicou <eternityround@live.com>
Subject: Me as the Experimental Subject

Message Body:
Jan. of 2019 with the E5 machine I started superior water.Now 6 months later results are noticeable. Work and activities keep me from bicycling as much as I would like to, so Sunday when I went for a ride it was interesting that my endurance was substantial and lack of breathlessness amazing. At 61 my body was preforming more like a 30 year old. My prostrate issues have gone away. Memory has spiked and improved considerably. My body seemingly craves E5 water. So far great results. I gave my friend who buys processed water from a water store a gallon to try. His observation, He says, The water is thinner. Well with a 114 degree hydrogen bond angle. Thank You Mr Ellis and Associates.

Testimonial found on the net:

I have a water treatment and chemistry background and the Ellis machine is the ‘real deal’. I have many people purchasing gallons of water a week for drinking and most all tell me, the benefits they receive from drinking it. One woman gave it to her crippled daschund, and within 5 months of drinking the Secondary water from its bowl, the lady’s dog regained the use of its back legs and is now running around with other dogs, at the park. The lady spent $1400 at the vet, for a diagnosis, that her dog couldn’t be treated and perhaps she should put her dog down. She’s now glad she didn’t. We’ve had dozens and dozens of customers, praise the water for its benefits, even diabetics, prostate problems, breathing issues, and on and on.

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I’ve been having problems with my prostate and was scheduled for surgery when my brother Bob called me and said that he had bought your machine. He asked me if I would try some of your water before going forward with my surgery, I agreed. I drove to his home in Truckee Ca, about. 100 miles from my home in Placerville Ca. I drank your water while there and within hours. I was able to void and the severe burning in my bladder was gone. I stocked up with a couple cases of water and headed home. I’m on my way to Truckee tomorrow for more water, still feeling great. I’m saving now for my own machine, I’m disabled and moneys slow coming in but I’ll get there. I believe that your water is a miracle from the Lord, thank you so much for inventing this wonder gift for all.    God bless you, Dennis  – June 12th 2018

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