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Ronald Reagan Story

A Few Things You Don’t Know About Ronald Reagan and Oxygen….


Ronald Reagan had to go to Germany to get a treatment he needed that was not available in the U.S

Only a small cabal of Ronald Reagan’s most trusted friends knew his deepest, darkest secret on July 12, 1985. The President of the United States, Reagan—had just been diagnosed with not one, but three, deadly forms for cancer. In a discussion with Vice President George H.W. Bush, the president decided to resign the presidency and surrender the Oval Office to his vice president. Bush was convinced the Democrats would launch a blitzkrieg battle for the White House in 1988—and would likely win.

While some of the nation’s best oncologists offered their services to the 40th President, he chose a German physiologist, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg method who also had a degree in oncology. A half century ago Warburg discovered that cancer generates an adenosine glucose breakdown caused by fermentation respiration.
This is in direct contrast to healthy cells, which generate energy from oxidative breakdown of pyruvate. Pyruvate is the end product of glycolysis which is oxidized within the mitochondria. Warburg discovered that one of the primary causes of cancer is mitochondrial dysfunction.

Cancer, like many other diseases, has countless secondary causes, but, only one primary cause—the fermentation of sugar. Ninety-some years ago Dr. Warburg, experimenting with the fermentation of sugar decided he might have found a cure for cancer with the 8th Element on the Periodic Table—oxygen. If you were diagnosed with cancer somewhere–anywhere–in your body, and had been to one or more cancer centers, was treated and still had cancer, and a family member or friend asked if you’ve ever heard of John Ellis’ curing cancer with a steel distiller that permanently changes the hydrogen bond angle of water from 104° to 114°, killing most diseases with oxygen what would you say? It’s likely some other friend or family member would snort back a laugh and tell you if such a thing existed, everyone with cancer would be doing it. To which you could, with your hand on a Bible, reply that President Ronald Reagan simultaneously developed three different forms of cancer in 1985 and the prognosis he received from the cancer specialists in the United States would have a military drum roll after it. Had he surrendered himself to their surgical skills, it’s likely the President may have lived through his second term, but he would have been
dead within a year or so before or after Bush-41 was elected.

Reagan went to Germany for a unique treatment and returned to Washington cancer-free. Think about that. Millions of people in the United States who never found John Ellis’ Electron distiller purifiers and also never learned that oxygen not only kills cancer, but AIDS, Ebola, Hansen’s Disease, diabetes and scores of deadly and contagious blood borne viruses and bacteria for which people who go to expensive cancer centers, or hospitals that treat the patients exposed to new viral or bacterial infections using yesterday’s antibiotics and pain killers, or stumbled across a new virus strain or bacteria which was susceptible to oxygen.

The American Cancer Society and scores of major medical centers which treat rare and deadly diseases, refrain from using what they refer to as “homemade cancer cures” which kill cancer and other diseases and viruses with non-CDC approved treatment methods like that which saved President Reagan’s life in 1985 in a German hospital in order to cure his cancer and save his life.

The excerpt above is from  “THE FARADAY TWINS” by an author with 16 million followers.

Testimonial upon reading the story above received on 6/12/19:

This article about President Reagan is right on spot!
I have been using IV ozone on my patients since 1980. I was one of the first to import a Hansler ozone generator from Germany. In addition to following the HONSTEC Plan, I used to think that was all any cancer
patients needed. Since I discovered you and your E5 device, I now know they need more!
Your E5 device goes beyond water. I believe it brings photons to every cell in the body.
Thanks for everything you do…..
Dr. Jim



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