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The History of Oxygen and Cancer

  • August 20, 2019
  • ellis
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The first physician who theorized the cure for cancer with oxygen was Otto Heinrich Warburg, the son of a German physiologist, medical doctor and Nobel Prize laureate. The History of Cancer and Oxygen all started with Otto, the son, served in World War I as an officer in an elite Uhlan (calvary). He was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. At the end of the war, he joined his father’s practice and, in 1931 received the Nobel Prize for Physiology in Medicine. At that time Oxford University awarded him a doctorate on a paper he wrote proving (at least to Oxford) that the blood coursing through our veins, pushed by oxygen, kills the pathogens and diseases in our bodies. Before his death, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize 47 times. He rejected all but the first one which awarded him a medical doctorate, and lifetime residence in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Otto Warburg’s thesis proved that blood kills diseases in the human body. The European medical community concluded that Warburg was correct.

The History of Cancer and Oxygen

The History of Oxygen and Cancer

Ground-breaking studies conducted by Oxford University scientists in 2009 conclusively concluded that injecting cancerous tumors with oxygen “significantly boosts the chance of recovery.” By restoring oxygen levels to that of a normal cell, the tumors become three times more sensitive to treatment. The study used oxygen to cure multiple forms of cancer—including pancreatic cancer. Gillian McKenna, the lead researcher at Oxford reported that radiation and chemotherapy damage the oxygen cells and makes the cancer cells resistant to treatment by radiation or chemotherapy. McKenna’s study concluded “…we have discovered that using oxygen is a new way to overcome cancer from becoming resistant to treatment with radiation and chemotherapy.” Ryter was curious why the Brits don’t copy what the Germans do. When you reach chapter five, you will know
what I mean. Could it be because the cancer industry is the most lucrative medical specialty in America where all of the patients ultimately die either from the disease or the treatment is just too profitable?

Particularly since researchers at the University of Washington reached an even more surprising conclusion than McKenna in the Journal of Anticancer Research. “Oxygen reduces cancer cell growth by 38% in two days. Over a longer period we expect the effects to be even more dramatic.”
Scientists in at the University of South Florida who publish the Journal “Public Library of Science,” conducted a study using oxygen therapy to treat mice with late stage cancer. The study found that mice treated with oxygen lived 78% longer than mice treated with anything else. Why? Because lead researcher Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D. told Science Daily that their study “… demonstrated the potential of these cost-effective, nontoxic therapies to contribute to current cancer treatment and significantly improve the outcome to patients with advanced metastatic cancer. Oxygen therapies protect healthy tissue while simultaneously degrading cancerous or other diseased cells…”

To continue with The History of Oxygen and Cancer, Dr. Parris Kidd, an internationally recognized cell biologist has argued that “…we can look at any oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease.” Followed by biologist Stephen Levin, Ph.D. from the University of California who noted that “… the lack of oxygen in tissue is the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease.” Agreeing with Levin was Dr. Arthur Guyton, author of The Textbook on Medical Physiology, when he
wrote: “All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level.”

One afternoon, about ten years ago, a man called John Ells, shocking him when he said: “Your machines cure cancer!” When Ellis asked him how he knew that, the caller said: “I’ve been an oncologist for 30 years. I just retired from Sloan Kettering and I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” He identified himself as Dalton Kinsella M.D. Although John Ellis Water has had countless conversations with the doctors at Sloan Kettering and other cancer centers, John was not aware that Sloan Kettering had his distiller for some time because the FDA has never approved anyone’s oxygen distiller as a medical device. (If you look at the Ammeter Energy Demonstration Video on the John Ellis website, you will see how easy it is for his machine to alter the bond angle of water from 104° to 108° and split bonded hydrogen/oxygen molecule in two molecules, and our body temperature burns up
the hydrogen, leaving the oxygen. Since our blood is 94% water, the hydrogen molecule burns off the markers for anything you can name in your bloodstream. Sloan Kettering oncologists told him that after two or three days the urine starts to smell (light brown and light green!).

The excerpt above is from  “THE FARADAY TWINS” by an author with 16 million followers.