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Well Water

How to treat your well, pool, or septic tank with John Ellis Water

  • February 28, 2019
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It’s a moment well water users dread—you turn on the tap and out gushes cloudy, discolored, or foul-smell water. Something’s wrong with the well. Fortunately, many common well water issues can be solved with John Ellis Water. Thousands of wells have been cleaned up over the years because of John Ellis Water. How does this work? Well, it is all because of the power of hydrogen.


How to Treat Your Well

Turn the well pump off and pour ten gallons of energized tap water down the well. Leave the pump off for 4 hours and then turn the pump back on and open up your faucets. In extreme cases the water may run black for 24 hours as it cleans out all the junk in the well casing and pipes before it returns to purity. Open faucets as close to the well as possible, avoiding filters, softners etc. Just as you have to wait for hot water to reach your sink from a hot water heater only a few feet away, you have to leave your faucets open for hours (depending on the depth of the well) in order for a well to clear itself.






STEP 1 – Make 10 gallons of water (distilled or overflow water, it does not matter).

STEP 2 – Flush the water down the toilet. In 24 hours the septic tank will be treated.



First, clean the hot tub thoroughly. Maybe even add Clorox to the hot tub to clean the lines that lead to the pump. Then pump out all the water and add about 10 gallons of energized tap water to fresh water in the hot tub. Change the cellulose filter regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and have the timer set to regularly circulate the water. Do this just one time and it can last for years with no treatment. When you add chemicals to a hot tub they go through your skin defeating the purpose of having a hot tub.


Dairy Farm

A dairy farmer called John and told him your water has so many great health benefits. He also told John he was in danger of losing his dairy farm, because his milk production has gone way down. John told him “It has to do with your well water”. The farmer then proceeded to treat his well with John Ellis Water. The bacteria level after treating his well went to “0”. Luckily, The University of Minnesota monitored his well before and after treating his well with John Ellis Water.

The Milk Production charts on our website, show the milk production went up every month for the whole year. You can see that here