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CLIMATE CHANGE: Heating/Cooling has been going on since the beginning of time just like our water machine (below)

How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, DDW, DEW, distilled) AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH!!


Your water machine does everything the literature says it does

John Ellis’s Distillation system does everything its literature says it does…and the information (below this letter comes from John Ellis’s patent attorney). That particular patent is the 13th patent granted John Ellis is ZL10051PPP35445.5 (Application No. 20051000353,55) (Title: Method and apparatus for water degasification and distillation.

This handwritten note was faxed to John Ellis on Oct. 28, 2013 from fax number 913-754-7866). The note fads out before the 2013 felt tip message ends. But the essence of the message is contained here.

Hello John Ellis Water Folks:
Your water machine does everything the literature says it does. But it isn’t well known around here in the Midwest. My wife recently passed away from cancer. I only got to try the water on her for four days because the doctor would not remove their blood thinners because they didn’t know anything about the Electron machine. Their medical protocol said this was the treatment which should be used, believing that using both your machine and the blood thinners they commonly use was too much. What they really meant was that if the machines were not graced by God and the FTC (not patented) the medical community should ignore them even if they appear to do a better job than the one graced by the FTC.

They told me that they didn’t think water, by itself, a benign liquid that does nothing more than satisfy thirst, would do any good. But, they were wrong because the patient’s husband said“… she had a visible melanoma on her left breast. It was jet black, but she drank the water full strength for only four days and that changed the size of the cancer—turning it to a light tan; and then it detached and began shrinking with only four days of John Ellis water.

The excerpt above is from  “THE FARADAY TWINS” by an author with 16 million followers.

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